Things Change

If Only I Would Have Known… That my pre-child Views of the World were going to start changing the moment my son swallowed a demon became a toddler. Before we have our children, I think we all survey our respective upbringings and decide how we “will be and will not be” toward our own progeny in relation […]

That I’d Miss The Newborn Stage

If Only I Would Have Known… that I would actually miss all of those I’m-so-exhausted-I’d-rather-be-in-a-corner-crying newborn moments. When they’re happening, especially with a first baby I think, it’s so tempting to look at your red faced screaming infant and think, “I had NO idea what I was getting myself into.” You just want to be […]

It’s Ok To Ask For Help

If Only I Would Have Known… that I was going to have to swallow my pride and ask for help, in more ways than one, after Kaleb was born. Motherhood comes with a million different emotions, and unfortunately, all of those emotions come right about the time when your hormones are seriously going wacky again. […]

To Let Go & Let God

If only I would have known… that try as you may, you’re never going to get it 100% “perfect” on your own. What I mean by this is that in the recent weeks, I have realized just how many decisions today’s moms are faced with – and the intense scrutiny that all of those decisions […]

You Lose One, You Lose The Other

If only I would have known… That my parents were going to be right about practically everything. I recently took Kaleb home to meet most of my family and friends, and one night I was up late after finally getting Kaleb to go to sleep. Recently he had been having a hard time going to […]