I Could Die Tomorrow

If Only I Would Have Known… That, contrary to my popular belief, the simple fact that I have a child does not make me immune to the evils of the world – namely mortality. Surprisingly, this post is inspired by someone who doesn’t even have children that I ran across this morning thanks to the wonderful […]

To Look Past Criticism

Maybe I should have titled this post “You’re not a bad mother because you work.” Let me preface this post by saying that I’m pretty peeved that this topic (and the Mommy Wars in general) is becoming so “sided,” and that I’m caving in to commenting on the madness. But recently I’ve seen so many […]

Dear Son

Dear Son – As letters flow around the internet these days, from men talking about their marriages both happy and failed, women doing the same, daddies to their baby girls, and fathers to their sons, I felt the need to throw mine in the mix. A son is something I think most men hope for […]

To Do What Works

If Only I Would Have Known… that sometimes, all the plans and wishful thinking of new-motherhood (you know, the ones where you’re dreamily Supermom and do everything the super ultra granola way while getting a full night’s sleep because let’s face it – babies don’t do much else than sleep, right? AND cooking your family […]

That He Would Be My Best Friend

If Only I Would Have Known… that even though his vocabulary is limited to “mama,” “baba,” “moo,” and “hi,” this little person would become my best friend in the whole world, and one of the few people I can share just about anything with. No one ever tells you that kind of thing. I remember […]